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As Jeremy Clarkson said, you’re not a true petrol head until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo. Many agree with that statement primarily because it is an Automotive brand like no other. Even though they are not perfect, Alfa Romeo cars have soul and character, which most of today’s cars simply lack. Besides that, this Italian brand has fan base like no other. If you think you have at least basic Alfa knowledge, test it on our novice quiz and post results on Alfa Romeo Community FB page…

Ever since new Giulia came out, enthusiasts of this famous brand as well as everybody else have been discussing the possible Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe. Sedan managed to become planetary popular and this really seems like the logical decision of

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The time has finally come and for the first time in the history of this Italian company production SUV has been created named Stelvio after one of the best driver’s roads in the world. After long anticipation, numerous renderings and

The Geneva Motor Show is behind us, and we finally got the chance to lay our eyes upon new Alfa Romeo Giulia.  The Italians see Giulia as replacement for 159 in their catalogs. Challenging BMW 3 series and Mercedes C class is not easy but engineers at Alfa seem confident that they can do it.

Many don’t even remember the old Disco Volante( flying saucer), but original masterpiece was able to achieve 220 km/h thanks to its chassis made in shape of “space frame”, which made the car stiff and lightweight. With lightweight chassis and

2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV review

Alfa Romeo SUV

Photo by husmu Judging by the official document that leaked out of Fiat recently, Italians will offer us a long awaited Alfa Romeo SUV. If we put all the facts on a paper the whole project looks very promising. Fiat

Alfa Romeo Duetto

Next roadster that’s going to be developed by Alfa Romeo is actually going to be technologically related to Mazda’s MX-5; this project is just an introduction to cooperation between these two car companies. It is well known that Sergio Marchionne


Even though each model of Alfa Romeo is attractive, this time even the name selection drew a lot of attention. First assumptions regarding name were wrong, instead of 149 this model was supposed to be named Milano. However, since production


In hearts of many drivers Alfa Romeo always has a special place with their specific design, great performance but also with occasional flaw. Every true Alfa Romeo enthusiast claims that Alfa Romeo is a car with a soul. Alfa Romeo

TZ3 Corsa

Lot of Alfa Romeo models are artwork themselves…, charming, harmonious- holiday for eyes. What should we say about this car that came out of Zagato design studio? What do Italian cars have to give them so much charm, or should