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New Alfa Romeo Alfetta might be making a comeback in a big way. Alfa Romeo brand has been through some rough years in recent past, however, that doesn’t mean that they weren’t successful. For example 156 model has proved itself one of most successful in brand history, but sadly it did have some issues.

Alfa Romeo Diva concept by Espace Sbarro School of Design

Alfa Romeo Diva

Photo by Alfonso Irene Alfa Romeo Diva concept first appeared on 2006 Geneva Motor show as a celebration of 10 year existence of Espace Sbarro School of Design. This beautiful Alfa Romeo implemented both modern technology and the beautiful design

Alfa Romeo Orbita

Alfa Romeo Orbita

Photo by SOCIALisBETTER This vision of luxury Alfa Romeo certainly will not be the successor of 166 model, but it’s still a very impressive study done by designer Engin Tulay. His vision is called Alfa Romeo Orbita and it is

Alfa Romeo 6 C- Concept Carscoops 5

Alfa Romeo 6C

Photo by tjan616 The first muscle car was developed in United States some half century ago and by definition they are a high performance two door coupes made for wider masses, basically for people who can’t really afford some of

Alfa Romeo Gloria

Alfa Romeo is going to present another gorgeous concept at Geneva Auto Show this year called Gloria. This new concept is a result of cooperation between Alfa Romeo and European Design Institute from Italy, Torino. Even though it’s going to

Alfa Romeo Orazio Satta

Alfa Orazio Satta Type II – 4-door coupe study There is not a lot of information regarding this study, but here are some facts. This study has been developed as an answer to Audi’s A7 Sportback, BMW series 6 Grand

Alfa Romeo Pandion

Alfa Romeo Pandion concept is presented for the first time in Geneva in 2010. It is a beautiful concept car designed by Gruppo Bertone a design studio from Grugliasco- Italy. Alfa Pandion is developed in honor of Alfa Romeo 100

Alfa Montreal Concept

Alfa Romeo Montreal

Photo by karlalansanders One of the great Alfa Romeo concepts with retro look is Alfa Romeo Montreal concept. It is designed by design student Karl Sanders in 2009. Its design is based on Alfa Romeo Montreal which was presented in

Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept

Alfa Romeo 12C

Photo by fabio3030 While the other concepts are satisfied with the fact that they are going to stay only show cars, the others dream about going into production. Take a look at this Alfa Romeo 12c GTS, it is very