Alfa Romeo Orazio Satta

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

Alfa Orazio Satta Type II – 4-door coupe study

There is not a lot of information regarding this study, but here are some facts. This study has been developed as an answer to Audi’s A7 Sportback, BMW series 6 Grand Coupe and Mercedes Benz CLS.

We all know that Alfa Romeo is one of the brands with richest and longest pedigree in car industry, but since they got under the management of Fiat they have trouble reaching that status of premium car producers like they had before.

Even though there were positive announcements by the head of Torino Automobile Group it seems that Alfa Romeo future will depend on how well they do on United States market. To help this brand return to track of old glory Italian designer Marco Procaccini developed few studies which could compete with some of the strongest brands in the car industry. Concept we see on the pictures is 495 cm long, 190 cm wide, 143 cm high, and its wheelbase is 298 cm. If it goes into production it would probably share Maserati’s mid size sport sedan platform.