Alfa Romeo SUV

2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV reviewPhoto by husmu
Judging by the official document that leaked out of Fiat recently, Italians will offer us a long awaited Alfa Romeo SUV. If we put all the facts on a paper the whole project looks very promising. Fiat recognized the huge potential Jeep Grand Cherokee has, so the new Alfa will probably be developed on that already proven recipe.

According to some sources Alfa Romeo SUV is supposedly going to be named CXover. Among others, Fiat’s JTD engines will be offered and when you add great Alfa design to all that success is inevitable. All of this combined could be a backbone for a future success of this Italian brand and a nightmare for a competition like Audi Q5 or BMW X3 in a segment which in a last couple of years became boring and idealess.

According to some reliable sources, this SUV will be developed under the code name Alfa Romeo C- SUV, together with new Jeep SUV’s that are going to be replacements for Patriot and Compass.

All of these projects will be developed under the Fiat’s development concept called “Compact Plus Global Modular Architecture”. Engine choices look really promising.

Offer of diesel engines will be based on 1.75 l TC GDI engine that develops 200 HP. There is also well known and maybe most interesting 2.0 l JTD diesel engine that develops 140 HP.

Fiat hopes to produce around 100 000 SUV’s a year, and their main goal is to sell at least half of that on North American market. In line with this ambitious plan they will introduce 3.3 l V6 gasoline Pentastar engine from Jeep Wrangler that develops 275 HP. Other engines including 3.0 l V6 diesel engine will be introduced later. In my own opinion it seems like this SUV could be the next big Alfa Romeo success.