Alfa Romeo Coloni S1

Alfa-Coloni-S1Even though this car never made it to track many Alfists would be more than pleased to see this racing masterpiece win a few races. This car was developed by Enzo Coloni the main man of Formula 1 racing team for the FIA Group, it is known as Coloni S1 or the Maxiturismo. Coloni’s chasis is made out of carbon fiber which is mounted on tubular frame; it has a 3.0 l V6 engine which produces from 380 to 500 HP depending on the setup. Power goes to Hewland-Coloni 6 speed transmission and since the car weights only 900 kg its reaches 310 km/h easily. It is eqiped with Brembo carbon brakes, magnesium rims, adjustable back spoiler… it looks like this was a missed chance for Alfa Romeo racing.


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Alfa Romeo 4c crash

Alfa-4c-crashUsually when we talk about crashes there are mostly inexperienced drivers involved but in this case we can’t really say that. This time professional driver who was in charge of testing of the new Alfa Romeo 4C crashed and ice was probably the main cause. Also we can see one more masked car in this video, possibly the new compact SUV; we can only guess… It is expected that 4C car will go into production sometime next year.

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Production of Giulia confirmed

alfa-giulia-3First man of Fiat company Sergio Marchionne confirmed that successor of Alfa Romeo 159 the Giulia is well under development. According to his words, this car will be made in Italy and it is going to be sold on many markets around the world. In his interview for Automotive News, which was mostly about Alfa Romeo plans for the future, Marchionne didn’t reveal when the new Giulia will have premiere. According to some information concept of this car will be presented in 2013, while the serial version will make an appearance a year later in 2014. When questioned about Alfa Romeo big sedan, Marchionne didn’t say anything specifically, but he said that Alfa’s big sedan “169”will probably share Maserati architecture, which means that it will probably be produced in Maserati factory in Torino. When it comes to the Alfa Romeo 4c, Alfa’s enthusiasts will have to wait for a little while; it will probably be presented on Geneva Auto Show in 2013.

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Alfa Romeo and Jeep will be produced in Torino

Fiat is planning on producing passenger and SUV vehicles for the brands Alfa Romeo and Jeep in their Mirafiori factory in Torino. This Italian manufacturer will cooperate on this project with American Group Chrysler, said the executive director Sergio Marchionne. He also announced that they will form a firm with Chrysler that will produce Alfa Romeo and Jeep. Fiat as we mentioned before has 20 percent of ownership in this American company. Mirafiori factory, which employs 5800 people, produced 178.000 vehicles last year, and their plan is to increase their production drastically. Marchionne, who is also a director of Chrysler demands more flexible working hours in this Italian factory as one of the conditions for his investment plan of 20 billion Euros. If he achieves the agreement with the syndicates for the new working hours, Italian manufacturer plans to invest this huge sum of money in period before 2014. They will invest that money in more advanced production lines and in development of new models. Marchionne said that it is absolutely necessary to apply these new work rules to increase number of shifts and decrease absence from work. Plan is, according to Marchionne, to increase production volume to 280.000 vehicles a year.

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Fastest Alfa Romeo

Led by the experience of their sister company Novitec Tridente which specializes in Maserati tuning, Novitec prepared modification package for Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. Most important parts are the supercharger that’s limited to 0.37 bars, high performance exhaust system, intercooler, and custom fuel injectors. Novitec also reprogrammed the ECU unit so all components would work well together.Thanks to all these modifications factory 450 HP grew to 600 HP and 588 Nm of torque. Even though they fitted the supercharger to a 4.7 l Maserati engine before, they still had to fit the compressor under the Alfa 8C hood. Novitec claims that this supercharged version goes from 0- 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and that its maximum speed is 305 km/h, as we already said serial version goes from 0- 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, and its maximum speed is 292 km/h. Beside the supercharger the team from Novitec put in a adjustable suspension and a massive aluminum rims which in front are 21 inch and in the back 22 inch, with Pirelli ZR tires. Novitec also offers individualized interior package to their customers with materials like leather and alcantara available in any color. As you can assume none of this is cheap, the package with a supercharger only costs 19.000 Euros. Though it might cost a lot of money this package will turn any 8C into top notch sports car.

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Mito Monza Sport Tuning

In 2009 on Geneva Auto Show Alfa Romeo presented their Mito GTA concept which sadly didn’t go into production. That’s why Monza Sport Tuning presented Mito on steroids. That came as good news for all Alfa Romeo enthusiasts who were disappointed by lack of Fiat’s interest to produce GTA models. This is an advanced version of Mito QV model with 1.4 l turbo engine which develops 170 HP. In Monza’s version develops a 215 HP and that is very good when you consider the fact that it is a small 1.4 l engine.  Beside the stronger engine, outside is covered by carbon fiber; side skirts, front and rear bumper were redesigned. List goes on to rear view mirrors, headlight and taillight frames and so on. One thing that kind of stands out is the carbon fiber intake manifold. There is a new exhaust system and the 18 inch aluminum rims which give the car great sporty look. Monza announced that you’ll be able to get this kit for your own Mito. Their main goal was the Great Britain market, but it’s kind of obvious that rest of the market is interested in this car.

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Alfa Romeo 4C Latest Info

According to few reliable sources, Alfa Romeo 4c serial version is supposed to appear at next Geneva Auto Show in March of next year, while the first sales will start later in 2013. 4c was presented in concept form first in Geneva, then in Frankfurt. As we already mentioned it is a sport two-seater and according to people that make this car it has amazing driving characteristics. Serial version will not look any different than concept version; the 1.75 l engine will develop 300 HP. Only one transmission will be offered and that is a six speed with a double clutch, and as we already said 4C will be a rear wheel drive. Serial model will weigh less than 1000 kg (concept is only 850 kg), which means that 4c will have one of the best power to weight ratio in its class (that was one of the goals of this project).

When it comes to price, it will be around 45.000 Euros. As we already said Alfa Romeo 4c will be sold in US, and in 2014-2015 we’ll see the spider version.

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Alfa Romeo gets Ferrari engines

Ferrari develops different types of engines which are used by Maserati, it is also used in one Alfa Romeo model-8c. According to some recent information, company from Marinello will continue cooperation with development of new V6 and V8 engines for new cars that come out of Modena company. On Paris motor show Sergio Marchionne said that Ferrari engineering skills will be used on new Alfa Romeo engines. He didn’t go into details, but he said that more facts will be known in the next few months. Main goal of the Fiat Group is to return Alfa Romeo brand to its roots, in other words they want to make extremely desirable sports cars like they did in past. According to Marchionne Alfa Romeo has a potential to be a premium brand, and for that they need top notch models.

That means that we can expect new engines with Ferrari signature, or modification of present engines, but there is a bigger chance that will see something like a new V6 engine with turbo compressor, which is probably going to be present on Maserati models.

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MiTo SBK presented on Paris Motor Show

On 2012 Paris motor show Alfa Romeo presented a special version of their MiTo model. Cars from this special version will carry SBK badge to mark cooperation between Alfa Romeo and a World Superbike Championship. Alfa Romeo MiTo SBK is based on Quadrofoglio Verde model, and it has a characteristic two color paint job and 18 inch aluminum rims. This car is equipped with Brembo brakes and Alfa’s active suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers. Compared to the Quadrifoglio Verde, interior is pretty much the same, it has Sabelt seats covered with Alcantara material. Pedals are made out of aluminum; there is a two zone A/C, Bluetooth, USB, AUX and SMS receiver. Under the hood there is a MultiAir turbo engine which develops 170 HP, and it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in little over 7 seconds. Production is limited to only 200 cars. Also Alfa will offer SBK package for all models beside the one with 1.4 MultiAir engines. SBK package includes sport rear bumper, chromed spoiler, titanium housings for rear view mirrors and 16 inch rims. When it comes to interior, there are some options that include carbon fiber material.

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Volkswagen interested in Buying Alfa Romeo

Volkswagen Group owns 12 brands like Porsche, Audi, Bugatti and Bentley, but it seems like they are especially interested in Italian models. After an Audi became an owner of Lamborghini in 1998, they also became owners of Ducati this year. Big factor in this whole story is love of Volkswagen general director Ferdinand Pieha toward Italian brands. It seems like expansion of German company is still not over.Latest rumor that came out of Volkswagen is a possibility of buying Alfa Romeo. Many people consider this rumor very serious since the executive director Martin Winterkom is known as Alfa Romeo enthusiast. Winterkom said that Volkswagen would be interested in buying Alfa only if Fiat decided to sell Alfa Romeo. He also added that company is selling 110000 cars a year, and with some knowledge of people from Wolfsburg it could go back to selling more than 300000 models. “I’m sure that we could make big brand out of Alfa Romeo”, said Winterkom.

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